A new interactive search engine with people as results

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FAQ 1. What is Tesse? Tesse is a platform connecting knowledge inside human beings. It helps you search a thing and get people who know about that thing as the result. 2. How it works? It works like a search engine such as Google or Bing. However, you will get people as results and can communicate with them by a built-in communication system. You can also become the results of others’ searching and start sharing knowledge to them. 3. How can I use it? You can use Tesse as Google/Bing to search anything; Or you can register as an expert (become the results) and waiting for people to contact you. As an expert, you get money from sharing your knowledge to others. 4. Do I have a profile? Yes. But you are not required to provide information unless you want to become an expert (to appear as the results). 5. Why should I become an expert? As an expert and being searched by others, you earn money by sharing your knowledge. You can withdraw real money as your earning to your local bank account. 6. How can I complete the registration as an expert on Tesse? Register as usual and provide all information needed to qualify as an expert. 7. Which information is required to become an expert on Tesse? They are: Industry, Work Information, Education. 8. Why do I need to provide information? For people to search you on Tesse, you must have at least one skill/expertise/knowledge submitted. The more information you provide, the more trust people will give to you. 9. How do I earn money on Tesse? On Tesse, you earn money by sharing knowledge to people who are in need of it. Money is charged by time of the session (chat or call) and you are free to set your rate per minute. 10. How can I withdraw money? You can withdraw money to your local bank accounts or using Paypal. Our payment is secured by Stripe and Paypal. 11. I want to share my knowledge to help people grow, I do not need money! You are free to set your rate per minute down to zero. 12. I just want to search like using Google or Bing, what should I notice about? Search on. And enjoy interacting with people rather than text, images or videos.
Are you serious? I have to sign up, before using the search engine! After signing up, I am really pissed off by having a ton of search query options but limited experts. Do you plan on baiting the PH community, to sign up without using the product. This is offensive to the community to a submit a product, with the only priority to increase your signups. This is a Product community! Demo YOUR product😡
@dredurr: Hi Deandre Durr, we are not for testing purpose. If you signed up, others are able to find you by your expertise. Please check your profile and notice the Industry field. Find the search bar using the sentence that contains your skills. Does it help? If you join to search people, wait until the number of users grow. If you join to be an expert and ready to earn money, you will get clients soon! Thank you.
I don't see the button to sign up anywhere? is that the "become an expert" one? I did not intend to become an expert so i did not click on it. then i read your FAQ comment here and realized one can be both expert and searcher. If so the button is for sign up in general? i still haven't not signed up. no way to try searching before signing up?
@ufo_nguyen: You will not become an expert until complete another step after signing in. After signing in, you are able to search freely or register to become experts! Thank you for your support!
Tesse is a new search engine which allows you to search by a keyword of skills or expertises and get people as result. It is an on-demand platform for knowledge sharing service with an UX of search engine, and a built-in payment system. It allows users to search online (real time) experts around the world and connect with them via live chat and video call. Experts join Tesse to earn money by sharing their knowledge, to get recognized from others experts around the world, and to learn again from the better ones. Tesse airms to bring you a huge source of live knowledge from live human beings to become the site you use daily alongside with Google.
@elltee Thank you!
this has been tried before, a thousand times, from the old google ask to mahalo and everything that failed later - start by making the interface free. let people see what you have to offer. learn from past mistakes and failures.
@passingnotes thank you Carpe. It is a good point and worth thinking!