A new interactive search engine with people as results

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Anh Nguyen
@anhnguyen2311 · Founder & CEO, Tesse
FAQ 1. What is Tesse? Tesse is a platform connecting knowledge inside human beings. It helps you search a thing and get people who know about that thing as the result. 2. How it works? It works like a search engine such as Google or Bing. However, you will get people as results and can communicate with them by a built-in communication system. You can also be… See more
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
Are you serious? I have to sign up, before using the search engine! After signing up, I am really pissed off by having a ton of search query options but limited experts. Do you plan on baiting the PH community, to sign up without using the product. This is offensive to the community to a submit a product, with the only priority to increase your signups. … See more
Ufo Nguyen
@ufo_nguyen · Business Manager @DesignBold
I don't see the button to sign up anywhere? is that the "become an expert" one? I did not intend to become an expert so i did not click on it. then i read your FAQ comment here and realized one can be both expert and searcher. If so the button is for sign up in general? i still haven't not signed up. no way to try searching before signing up?
Ell Tee
@elltee · Founder, Pine Entertainment
Tesse is a new search engine which allows you to search by a keyword of skills or expertises and get people as result. It is an on-demand platform for knowledge sharing service with an UX of search engine, and a built-in payment system. It allows users to search online (real time) experts around the world and connect with them via live chat and video call. E… See more
David Carpe
@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
this has been tried before, a thousand times, from the old google ask to mahalo and everything that failed later - start by making the interface free. let people see what you have to offer. learn from past mistakes and failures.