The Tesmo Universe Book is the world’s most functional yet stylish multi-device charger and planner to simplify your life.

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High-quality stuff, full of creative!


Very convenient. I got everything at once. Wouldn't worry out of battery at meetings!


Premier material, so kinda heavy

Raman Shalupau
Maker @
Wow. This is a great idea! I wonder, however, if this charging cover can be simplified even further. And be turned in an ad on accessory to any book or a notebook. Almost like a passport cover. Example: I love my Muji A5 notebooks. That are thin an light. Adding a hard charger cover on top of it would be nice. Or a Moleskine notebooks - they have standard sizes and are pretty popular. Would be great just to wrap them into your magic charger cover 👍 What do you guys think?
Joseph Wood
Social Media Coordinator
@ksaitor - This right here. I love my Lechturrum notebook and won't move away from it. I love this product except that I HAVE to use the planner in it. If I don't like the planner, then I can just get a charger. But if this could house a standard size notebook that would be killer.
Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
Why can't Apple make such stuff 🤔
Roland Clifford
Good idea i love it)
Nice idea!
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