Tesla WordPress Login Area Customizer

Customize your WordPress login/register/forgot password page

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I wanted to share with you the Login customizer perfectly suited for WordPress websites. Why to use a Login Customizer? If you bored of the default grey space WordPress displays when you need to login to your website Admin area? Here is where the Tesla Login Customizer steps in. You can easily customize your WordPress login page in minutes with no coding skills required. Transform the default log-in page into a professional and unique page that blends nicely with your brand or identity. Why use Tesla Login Customizer? There are several Login Customizers out there which offer a limited list of Features for FREE and charge you for additional ADDONS such as reCAPTCHA integration (Stops robots to access your websites using reCAPTCHA) or reCAPTCHA styles(styles the reCAPTCHA field to align with your design). The good News is that with Tesla Login Customizer you get all of that for Free! We took the Redirect after Login plugin and integrated it’s functionality within the Tesla Login Customizer. Also, we played with the login form and made it look more interactive. Click the video above to see the magic (there are more options within the plugin)
Great looking and very easy to use! And free - it's a great deal :)