Tersa Steam

Steam clean your clothes in 10 minutes

Tersa Steam is a wall-mounted machine that can steam, de-wrinkle, and deodorize your clothes in just 10 minutes. This device is a quick, user-friendly supplement to traditional dry-cleaning and machine washing.

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@aaron_tate hi! This looks like an impressive time saver, especially for last minute meetings or evenings out when you need something smart in a hurry and you forget to dry clean your best outfit. What's the story behind Tersa? Tell us more :)
@ems_hodge Hi Emily, thanks for reaching out! The idea for Tersa started while I was in college. At the time, I was forced to use a coin-operated washing machine and I avoided doing laundry for that reason. I quickly realized we needed a fast and efficient method to clean and refresh our clothes. I began researching the cleaning power of steam, and that summer I built the first prototype. Five years later, we now have an all U.S. team of designers, engineers and manufacturers. Tersa Steam is our solution to the world's current clothing care options.
@aaron_tate this is pretty awesome! Got an email address? I may be interested in writing about this for TechCo.
@elliot_s_volkman Thank you! My email address is atate@tersasteam.com. It would make my day if you write about this for TechCo.
this is gonna be a real game changer if everything goes well as expected lol keep up on your good job !
@dennis_lee2 Thanks for the support! We will keep you updated on our progress.
I'd buy this for sure. Already picked out a spot for it on a bedroom wall. But just not as pre-order. Hopefully it gets made.
I surely hope you're talking to hotel chains
@briankaplan We have contacted a few. If you have any connections, please feel free to email me. :-)
Would love to know more about this, especially if it's pod only?
@martinmeany What would you like to know?
@aaron_tate Do you have to use pods with it? Or is there an option to use without pods? Like I presume water alone without the pods would work just as well?
@martinmeany At this time, we are requiring pods for a couple reasons. First, our pods are comprised of distilled water and plant materials to prevent scaling and prolong the lifespan of the machine. Normal tap water would work for a while, but, eventually, the minerals in the water would build up reducing the efficiency and clog the tubing. Also, by requiring the use of our pods, we are able to prevent users from "experimenting" and using non-approved liquids, which could potentially be incredibly dangerous. We do offer pods that are non-scented and much cheaper.
@aaron_tate cool - fair points, but I'm against these pod based systems if they are unavoidable - thought I have to say you've justified them brilliantly!