Switch countries in the App Store easily through an iOS App

Use Territory to switch the current storefront of the App Store on your iOS device!
This is the perfect app for developers wanting to see if their app has been featured in another country or where that app ranks in the charts or for a keyword in that country!
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Hi! I'm the maker of Territory. Let me know if you have any questions!
is this a copy of the open source one... DevSwitch?
@kchau Hi, no - I’m aware of the similarities but this was initially submitted to Apple ages ago but they’ve kept rejecting it. I’ve complied with the review team and they finally accepted yesterday! This was initially an internal project at the ASO company I work for as we have clients in multiple countries but I decided to put it on the App Store so everyone can use it
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Hi Adam, This is nice. Can you see more than just the top charts? Like "Game of the day", "App of the day", "The daily list" and all the other features for the chosen country?
@michael_davey_schmidt Hi, in the app you can see just Top Charts but switching to the App Store through the app, you’ll be able to see everything users in that country can see!