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Man, if I had this in Rome last year, I would have saved so many amazing places to eat and enjoy the local atmosphere. :) P.S. "If you didn’t know, “terrapin” is actually a type of turtle."
@v4violetta Hi Violeta! Thanks for posting this. What a nice surprise for Monday morning :) We wish we could have helped you in Rome too!! It's not too late to make a Rome collection now...
Amy and I are so excited to be on Product Hunt today! We're looking forward to answering any questions and can't wait to see your delicious collections of your favorite food spots.
This is great! Yelp meets Pinterest. Yelp has similar functionality, though not identical, but it seems like they could easily add this type of interaction to their existing platform. Do you think they will and do you have a plan to maintain your niche in that case?
@startupjoshua Thanks so much, Joshua! We've definitely heard people describe Terrapn as "Pinterest for restaurants" before. Yelp doesn't actually let you create custom collections of places, unless you've reviewed them (which, for the vast majority of Yelp visitors, is zero places). Yelp is an awesome product for discovery and viewing large-scaled ratings of restaurants. We love them for that and actually use their API, along with Foursquare's. That said, yes, we have some back up plans in place :) We built Terrapn to help food lovers easily collect and share their favorite restaurants, which is something foodies told us was missing. We're surprised every day by the creativity of the food lovers on Terrapn and can't wait to see where it evolves!
Very nice, Rebecca! Would be very useful to filter by type of food - e.g. deserts or beer places, etc.
@simpleasthat_ Thanks Marina! Yes, we've recently gotten this request a few times, so have added that to our roadmap. We think that'll make it a lot easier to prompt our community to save places to collections and even discover new ones. Thanks for the feedback!
By the way, I thought this community might really appreciate my go-to collection of Coffee Shops Good for Meetings: https://www.terrapn.com/rebecca/...