Terms and Conditions: Podcast

A podcast where a guy reads terms and conditions from banks

Everyday, Big Banks charge Americans an average of nearly $100 million in overdraft fees. It's a major issue that almost nobody actually reads the overdraft terms and conditions. This is why we launched The Terms and Conditions Podcast.
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Hey Product Hunters! tl;dr It's a podcast where a guy reads the Overdraft Terms and Conditions from Big Banks...and that's it. Overdraft fees cost Americans nearly $100 Million EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you're not familiar, Overdrafts occur when you don’t have enough money in your bank account to cover a transaction, but rather than tell you that, the bank allows the transaction to go through and penalizes you for it by charging you an Overdraft fee (An average of $34 for each transaction). A big reason why these charges add up so quickly is that very few customers actually read the Terms and Conditions of these Overdrafts from Big Banks, and don't actually know what they are actually agreeing to. We get that and we also know that people love listening to podcasts which is why we launched the Terms and Conditions Podcast to highlight a part of what everyday Americans are agreeing to with Big Banks. I will be online all day responding to your questions and feedback. -Adam Hadi
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@etc coming soon!
This is easily the most original podcast I have ever seen!

Soothing yet horrifying


Helps me fall asleep


Wakes me up in the middle of the night with cold sweat after dreaming about my bank's hidden fees

this is what the internet is made for
@edisonjoao6871 I fact-checked this, and it's true.
The call out is real. Interesting approach, especially since they have some skin in the game. I'm listening.
@treggify all of our skin.