Terminal Prints

Buy geeky-feminist tees (+more) from the terminal.

Terminal Prints is a mix technology, fashion, and feminism to create a unique genre of graphic products as a platform of social awareness and community. Browse geeky feminist tees from a terminal web app, and get redirected to the Redbubble page to view products!

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@kif11 @snayz I love this product, my favourite part was executing the command line that removed patriarchy from my computer forever 👩🏾‍💻 what was the inspiration behind this?
@abadesi Glad you like it :) The original inspiration was a tshirt that my friend was wearing that said : while ( in_crib ) {      for ( int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {           drop ( like_hot );      } } I was veryyyy amused by this.. and then had an idea. What if I could reword some common feminist slogans in various programming languages? It felt like an interesting way to compliment the women in tech movements, by creating awareness and maybe even bringing a community closer together.
@snayz It's such a fun and innovative way to drive forward diversity in tech 🙌🏾 can't wait to order my T-shirt 😄