“Open Terminal Here” shortcut for Finder

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...or you could just create an alias like `cdfinder` in your `.bash_profile` for `cd "$(osascript -e 'tell app "Finder" to POSIX path of (insertion location as alias)')";`. Then, when you type `cdfinder` if will `cd` you to the topmost finder window location :)
I love this, trying it out now! For those of you who have Alfred, I created a workflow that lets you cd into a folder with search support (similar to the find command). You can also remix it to support your terminal of choice. :) Here's a GitHub link: https://github.com/nicknish/alfr...
Great!! And it supports iTerm 2 😀
@analysician I'm using it right now and it works flawlessly 🙄
@fameal @analysician Same for me too! Works great!
Much less cumbersome than the current alternative of going to the Finder's 'directory breadcrumb' structure, 'right click' on the folder -> go to services -> and click on 'new terminal in folder'
A friend send me a link to this last night actually! Forgot to check it out