Your terminal in your Mac menubar

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Stephen Thomas@stephen_thomas · Georgia Tech
Hmm. Unsigned app. Asks for permission to accept incoming connections.
Yann Bertrand@_yannbertrand · Pokémon Master
cmd+space - term - enter 😬
Adam Kelly
@_yannbertrand See I often am just working and I want to have a terminal open (with something running) and just not see it all the time, and this solved my problem better then just opening a new terminal all the time
Yann Bertrand@_yannbertrand · Pokémon Master
@adam_kelly You could also keep it on the dock but I'm totally fine with prefering to have it in the menubar
@adam_kelly @_yannbertrand Can you still cmd-tab to the window? That is usually the downside of apps that are not in the dock.
@adam_kelly @_yannbertrand you might be interested in preferences > keys > Hotkey > Show/hide iTerm2 with a system-wide hotkey. That hotkey will make your terminal appear on the top half of your active screen in a temp window.
Jamie Barton@notrab · Programmer Dad & Husband 🤘
@_yannbertrand The hotkey function is great for iTerm. I wonder if Hyper has this support too?? That's if you can get past an icon within a hidden dock being a pain 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jeff Shaw@heyjeffshaw · 2016
This is so lame, i thought this was going to be on the touchbar
Adam Kelly
@heyjeffshaw Now thats an idea
Davis@_davisnz · Founder at Digital Mix Agency
Just bought it! Great job! - The only negative thing is that I can't paste using cmd v
Al Chou@hotfusionman · Software Developer
Uh, iTerm's Hotkey Window feature provides the equivalent. Plus real terminal windows.