Fitness tracker meets tamagotchi. Don't starve it!

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Not big on fitness, but if it means having a tamagotchi pet again... I'll think about it. :D
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Would be awesome to get this on Apple Watch ... Will just be like a tamagotchi 👌
@nickcoates_ We are already working on the Apple Watch support! :)
@thevinous Yay :] Thanks Akos! Looking forward to it!
Hi Everybody! Me and my team would like to thank you for your support and encouragement we have received so far! It means a lot for us to be here on Product Hunt and we would love to hear your feedbacks so please feel free to share them in your comments! :) @violetanedkova, thanks a lot for submitting Tep!
Huge fan. App is so much fun.
Too cute ^.^ I reckon this will do really well. Great idea guys!