Register your identity on the Blockchain

TENZ-ID is a Decentralized Blockchain naming system that allows you to register an Ethereum Address with a unique, fully owned by you, tradable username to use on services, applications, games, content and much more.

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The first to tackle the key management problem, gasless txs and virtual identity, these guys are the real deal


Key management, virtual Identity and gasless txs


Why no sooner?

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I would keep a close eye on Tenzorum's projects as we continue to develop more, this is the first of many. The portal into a decentralised world. A lot of fun was put into making this product
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What is TENZ-ID and why does it matter? TENZ-ID is a system created by Tenzorum Project, which is developing user-friendly tools to empower people with decentralized technologies to liberate the web. We are helping anyone to register a username on the Blockchain in a few clicks (2 to be exact) without having to know ANYTHING about smart contracts and the intrinsic complexities behind them. This is how the Blockchain currently sees you, we call it the Public Address: 0xab5801a7d398351b8be11c439e05c5b3259aec9b Let’s agree on something… I am really happy for you if you have insane memory skills, or if you enjoy typing that kind of hash, but in terms of user-experience… This is really really bad. In every decentralized application (fully powered by Blockchain), you are somehow a hash/ a public address. To execute transactions, send money to your friends, register into applications, and to do anything on the Blockchain, you have to have a public address that belongs to you. On the Blockchain: YOU ARE THAT PUBLIC ADDRESS. But they are ugly. And frightening. And not user-friendly. And inconvenient. And ugly. TENZ-ID solves that problem.🎉🎉🎉🎉 What we created is a decentralized solution that allows you to attach a unique username to your public address.
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@mrtzneto I like your psychedelic thumbnail
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Thaaanks @abadesi 😻 I claimed a TENZ-ID for you! You can check it here: https://etherscan.io/enslookup?q... If you give me a valid ETH public address I can send you the ownership 😁 My gift for you 😸
We are planning to link the ENS tenz-ids with users personal wallets smart contracts soon 😎
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I've claimed my tenz-ID, yay! It was really easy. What are some ways I can use it in the future?
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@melissaran all across the Blockchain you will be able to use TENZ-ID, on wallets, exchanges, applications and services! Everything starts with your username 😄