Learn a foreign language by reading the news online

TenWords is built on ideas of exploration, cultural submersion and non-linear learning path. TenWords helps users to consume online content in a foreign language, track new words and memorise using flashcards.
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I love language learning tools. Been an avid Duolingo user for ages and any new tool is great. Would love to try.
@samrotenberg Try it out. Would love to hear your feedback
I have created and been using this tool for two years now. It helped me to stay motivated and read a lot more texts in Danish language.
This looks cool, and a very good (and convenient) way to help learn a new language.
I love this concept. Please add Japanese, so I'll use it :)
@shun_yamada Updating chrome extension to be able to analyse news articles in non-latin based alphabets is on my list. I will keep you posted
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Very cool initiative :) Any plan to make it available for Firefox anytime soon?
Also, my understanding is that the user has to write the translations himself. Are you considering providing the translation automatically in the future?
@manuel_tonneau I went back and forth if automatic translation should be added. My reasoning was that spending just a bit more time on finding a translation (especially in target to target language dictionary) helps to remember the word longer. Feedback is accumulating towards having automated translation, so I might need to revert my decision :)
@togru Thanks for the reply. It would indeed break the flow less if you're reading a newspaper article to get the translation directly :) Also please make a version for Firefox so I can start using it daily!
@manuel_tonneau I have added the translation option. It will try to pick up your preferred browser language or otherwise use UI language set in TenWords website to provide translation