Inflatable tent that can be pitched in one minute

#5 Product of the WeekApril 12, 2019
TentTube is easy to set up. All it takes is 1 person, 1 air pump, and just 1 minute.
Set it anywhere, blow it up, and welcome home.
AirFrame makes the traditional poles a thing of the past.
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Hey Hunters, TentTube Design is a company dedicated to creating superior products for families and outdoor enthusiasts. We focus on delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer experience with each of our products. Our industry-leading AirFrame feature is the proud result of innovative technology development and advancing design. Drop a comment if you have any questions.
Hey, nice looking product! What's the biggest difference between you and Heimplanet? https://www.heimplanet.com/
@motleydev Maybe the shape? hah. Looks like they're basically copying that company's idea and starting a kickstarter for it
@motleydev From my understanding, TentTube may have a better structure . which brings 2 advantages; 1 . cost down (cost half ) 2. faster pitching time Was wondering the quality. if there is a 3-rd party review?
@motleydev it definitely has the appearance of an overseas copycat (kickstarter is in $HK). Would be interested to hear about the quality/comparison of materials, as well as testing in variable/poor conditions -- something that Heimplanet has done a pretty good job showcasing.
@motleydev or to decathlon's air tent
@motleydev They say truly affordable in the video? Heim is 500EUR+
Decathlon did an amazing tent for only 20€, no need electricity, really good design, just an amazing product.
@le0bnt exactly.. Works super well and the quality is awesome
Does this suffer from the same problem air mattresses suffer from? Every time I've seen someone camp with an air mattresses they wake up the next morning with half the air they started the night with.
They say it can stay inflated for 10 days without pumping more air in. https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
I've bought 2 years ago a "similar" (6.5 m²) tent in Decathlon for about €200... I know, it's not the same, but the price is 1/2 or 1/3. (https://www.decathlon.es/es/p/ti...) What is the difference?
@alex_grau1 Thanks for the link. Can this be bought in US?