Private, bespoke, fully-equipped campsites

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Hi we're Tentrr and we make camping dirt simple! Tentrr is an online marketplace that connects outdoor lovers, travelers, and city-dwellers with bespoke, secluded and fully-equipped campsites on some of the most beautiful private property on the East Coast. Each campsite has incredible features like swimming holes, hiking trails and secluded roads of biking and comes fully-equipped so you don't have to worry about packing a car full of stuff and pitching tents. Just drive up and start camping!
@baxter_townsend nice! Looks like it's only for US?
@mrdobelina As of now we're only based in the US
So, sleep in a tent for the same price you could rent a lovely cottage for? When did camping become a luxury holiday? Holy expensiveness.
Why is so expensive?! This is a great idea but the price... 45-65$ is a maximum for this, by my own view.
@roman_mishiev Campers are paying for the luxury of seclusion on dozens of acres of pristine and beautiful private land. With Tentrr, there's no park ranger enforcing quiet hours or noisy campers disturbing your peace and quiet. Additionally, you don't have to lug all your camping equipment to the site and spend time pitching tents. Each campsite fits between 4 and 14 campers, so if you go with friends, it's cheaper per person.
Wonderful idea.....well done!
Overall, this is a great idea, but a few thoughts: 1. Price seems way too steep for campsites and comparable / more expensive than Airbnbs. Most "glamping" sites I've seen are cheaper than Tentrr and offer more amenities. 2. Are you planning on expanding past just upstate New York? 3. On the menu bar on your mobile website, I'd recommend having a menu rather than that leading to a login form.