Tenta Browser 2.0

Next gen VPN, total browser encryption & decentralized trust

Tenta is a next generation private & encrypted browser powered by a decentralized VPN network and trust protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Tenta offers secure access to today's internet and web 3.0 with our built-in privacy tools, including real VPN, secure DNS over TLS, HTTPS Everywhere, ad block, malware protection, private search and more.

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Jesse Adams
CEO, Tenta Browser
Thanks @ahmetsulek for hunting us! *** Over the past year, we've gathered a ton of beta tester feedback and incorporated many of those suggestions in our latest release. We're excited to finally share this with the Product Hunt community today! Since we don't track your browser behavior, this feedback has been super valuable and helpful. We'd love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions. All the positive emails and Play Store reviews keep us inspired! We personally read and respond to every single one, so please keep them coming! Product Hunt Exclusive We're also announcing a special deal for Product Hunt for our decentralized VPN service and protocol. Product Hunters interested in running your own VPN node, sign up for our early beta program at: https://tenta.com/producthunt. Sign up by October 31, 2018 * Early Access to the network *3 Months Tenta Pro Free (Includes your own private VPN Node). We appreciate everyone's support in our mission to make private browsing fast and ubiquitous!
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Arry YuCEO | Founder

more people need to get on this ASAP.


Great privacy and security features by default!


Need an iOS version

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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
Cool seeing so many things being built on blockstack! Especially with all the privacy concerns these days 😢 congrats on the launch 🤗
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Saju AbrahamProduct Lead, Left Media

Looking forward to seeing Tenta scale up, especially in regions where internet freedom is at risk.


Not only does it provide secure, private browsing, but it is very well designed and easy to use.


Had a few crashes

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