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Promises to give a company a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app in 10 business days. The initial phase has nothing to do with development, or developers. All the framework is discussed and decided on before developers are brought into the mix. TenRocket holds all the discussions about what a client wants ahead of bringing the developer in. Clients also get to choose which developer they’d like to work with. Developers also get to approve or turn down the work or clients. Once the framework for what a client wants is hammered out, the developer comes in to make sure it’s all doable. Once a project has begun, TenRocket doesn’t allow for clients to make changes. The entire process takes three weeks. After an initial consultation to finalize the details, developers get to work on the app (the real 10 days). After that, TenRocket also tests the app to make sure it works as it should and that it was delivered as expected. TenRocket only takes full-stack developers. TenRocket treats developers as contractors, and splits the income 50/50. The company even offers a 110 percent money-back guarantee if they can’t deliver an app as promised in 10 days. TenRocket isn’t going to be for everyone but if you want a quick MVP built you should try it.
@kwdinc I really love this: "Once a project has begun, TenRocket doesn’t allow for clients to make changes." But I also know that once a project has begun, clients always want to make changes. There's huge value in helping the customer shape the MVP before development commences... what's the post-MVP development lifecycle look like?
@rossdcurrie @kwdinc Long term development plans for entrepreneurs/mvps are always tough. As many of them have limited cash supplies to work with. We've tried to find a balance with this allowing you to work directly with the developer post-build of first MVP. This could allow for interesting things like equity options and different financing arrangements. We can still play a product development/management role in the process if the entrepreneur chooses though we try to offer the flexibility to work outside of that if need be. As we know everyone has different needs. Great question.
Great idea, have you got some examples of apps you've built? Also, just an FYI, I'm getting an untrusted connection warning on the site. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing how this evolves. =)
@alangarrec Thanks for letting us know. We we're working through resolving some ssl issues. Shouldn't see it anymore :)
Hey, Chris! Excited to see how you've grown 10Rocket. Let's catch up sometime 😀
All 1st entrepreneurs need to understand the power of the MVP and launch quickly and cheaply... that's why I LOVE Tenrocket. It enables idea that may not have happened to see the light of day :)
I like this idea. It's very much the way I treat any of our consulting work. I refuse to take work that isn't fleshed out through some low fidelity prototypes or actual customer interviews (aka. market research). We can help with that as well, but it's a disservice to both our developers time and the customer because our group can build a great product but if it doesn't fill a market need, then the money will be wasted. Being focused is the most important thing to keeping cost down. I think the 10 days is pretty link-baity. In fact, for 10k they are actually providing a ton more value than just development time. They might want to emphasize that. I'm curious what their take is and how much the devs get paid out of that 10k though.