Roomba for picking up your tennis balls

Tennibot picks up tennis balls for you, saving the time and hassle of picking up a million tennis balls.

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A larger scale version that could cover multiple terrain features would be great for golf driving ranges.
@rmagrino You just put a bunch of 14 year olds out of a job.
@rmagrino Thats actually a question we get a lot, and that is basically our next step, but for now we are focused on tennis. So keep and eye out for that ⛳
@rmagrino @joshuapinter It is actually not meant to replace ballboys/girls. It is for players like us who don’t have the option to begin with 😢 It is not as fast/responsive as them. Plus, lots of amazing players like Federer started as ball boys.
@rmagrino @hythmatica We're talking about *golfing* driving ranges that are great summer jobs for teenagers. They drive their grass cutting machines out on to the pitch to pick up all the balls. Because they make a perfect moving target, everybody does their best to riddle them with golf balls. Great use case for a robot golf-ball-picker-upper.
Saw this on Tech Crunch today. Seems like an awesome product for any serious tennis players.
As a former tennis player, I really like what you guys are doing! I've used a bunch of different contraptions to pick up tennis balls, but nothing has truly solved the issue
@benmlevy Very true Ben, when we went to buy something that “Works” we couldn’t find one either, so we decided to build it :)
Hey Davis, thanks for hunting the Tennibot! It’s great to see the excitement from tennis players and fellow hunters as well! If anyone is interested in following our progress, simply head to Tennibot.com/preorder to sign up for a free reservation. Thanks!
Pretty cool product, definitely a pain in the butt to pick up tons of tennis balls
@t_hen Exactly Tim, we share your pain, thats why we are working really hard on this 😊