Check-in with your team - any device, any channel

TenFour is a check-in tool for flash polling to your team. If you are responsible for people it helps you quickly answer the question, "who needs help?" It works across SMS, email, Slack, and apps.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

Super intuitive, cheaper than competitors. More official than using WhatsApp


Super easy to use. Multi-channel. Cheaper than competitors


No "SOS" button

The tool you never thought you needed at a very affordable price.


Suer simple, can be used by anyone


No Mobile money integration

This is cool, its like employee NPS which isn't usually as much of a focus as customer NPS! What's next for your product?

This app lets me make sure that my team is OK. I can check in with them anywhere, even on a Sat phone off the grid!


Way, way nicer to use than a spreadhseet phone list. Super intuitive


Still adlding new features

Great idea but damn is that pricey for something that might not be used very often.
@itsthisjustin Good question. We have found that a lot of companies are using it daily as a flash polling or checkin tool. It's really easy to use for quick internal polls, and many companies with field staff have daily check-in requirements. Secondly, there is a freemium version you can use if you get your whole team to download the app.
@nathanielmanning so i immediately thought of you too, but why not advertise that on the site vs all the emergency language?