Tender by Nomiku

Sous vide recipe app that also controls sous vide machines

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Thanks for the upvote and comments everyone! This is for Tender, our sous vide app. It will be able to control any connected sous vide machine. It's a collection of sous vide recipes!
I love sous vide and have been cooking a ton with my Nomiku lately. My favorite recipe from the app so far is french toast in jars — super tasty and custardy, and I can make a bunch on the weekend and eat it all week.
@garrytan how does it compare to other sous vide machines? how do you keep a lid to prevent evaporation?
@garrytan @jimiwen You can put saran wrap over the pot to prevent evaporation. I like to put a ziploc bag filled with air just over the water!
@garrytan @jimiwen Nomiku is the smallest, safest, and most powerful. The heater is a semiconductor that knows when it overheats. The CTO is a plasma physicist so imagine if Ironman made a kitchen appliance, this is it. For social proof, Noma, Saison, Restaurant at Meadowood, Atera, and more all use Nomiku as their circulator.
@garrytan @lisaqfetterman wow cool, didn't know about Noma, Saison Atera.
sous vide has increased the times I cook at home by 10x. Literally can't cook proteins better. App is great to find and try recipes.
@micah you can also use it to control your new Wifi-Nom! Thanks for the comment!
Disclaimer: I'm an investor in Nomiku. That said, I can't recommend enough both the app and the Nomiku hardware it's meant to be used with. I can't cook at all, and even I have been able to make really tasty dishes (especially meat), since sous vide at its simplest is about following instructions (which I can do) and letting science do the rest. Making it accessible to everyone is one of the factors that will change the way we eat, in my opinion
Disclaimer, I am a big fan of Lisa and her "Ironman" CTO, what people should understand is that they are not simply building an highly sophisticated and innovative sous vide machine and now a list of recipes that can run on ANY circulator, but are bringing us into the future of the connected-kitchen one delicious plate at a time. I can't wait for the all set of Nomiku connected devices that will revolutionize the way we experience food and enjoy our kitchens.
@robertoscaccia Woooooo! The future is naoooo! Thank you for your support!