Ten Large

Dead simple super fun puzzle game for iOS

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John P. Joseph
John P. Joseph@johnpjoseph · CEO | Founder, Ondaka
cool - simple game play let's me pick up and play without having to spending a lot of time setting up. Also, can play one handed, which is nice when on the train etc. I really liked the comments when you play trash talking / encouraging you.
Mack Flavelle
Mack FlavelleHunter@mackflavelle · www.axiomzen.co
@johnpjoseph the comments are mostly hilarious. have legit laughed out loud once or twice. I once considered starting a "parents games company" specifically designed for one handed game play while you rock your child to sleep. This is the kind of game I would've made.
Faisal Sethi
Faisal SethiMaker@faisalsethi · Creative Director / Game Designer
Cheers. There was a lot of what-are-the-cool-kids-of-the-inter-web-saying-these days Google-ing going on for some of the feedback messages.