Ten Hundred

A virtual mailing address that is permanent to you.

You won't be staying at your current address forever. Register your startups at a Ten Hundred virtual address and stop worrying about logistical hassles and missed mails when you move. We will digitize your mail, checks, invoices, and correspondence into actionable digital documents. We even forward the physical copies to you whenever necessary.

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Would be great to have a bit of info about where those addresses are. At least which countries you support. Good luck!
@nicocaramella Yes! More info coming soon to our website! To answer your question: the addresses are in SF Bay Area and will be REAL street address, not PO box address :)
@nicocaramella Also, our service is not limited to the countries you are in. Anyone, both inside and outside the US, who needs a US address to receive mails or register their company can use our service.
@yc_chen How do you plan to handle an address change if you have to move from this REAL address by yourself?
Hello Everyone :) Excited to be sharing with you what we have been working on diligently these last couple of months. Starting today, we are slowly rolling out our private beta off the sign up list, so please leave your email on our website based on your service preference and we will be in touch! Additionally, we would love to hear from you about the product we built - feel free to leave comments below or let us know what you think. Thank you!
Outbox was a high-profile startup doing something similar. It ultimately shut down. Curious if you've learned anything from how they've approached it and what's different for Ten Hundred, @yc_chen.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, great question, glad you brought that up. I'd say Outbox is completely different because (1) Consumer-focused (2) They have a fleet of operators that literally goes around the neighborhood to pick up your snail mails, for only $5/month - this is clearly unsustainable. By contrast, Ten Hundred takes a "Day One" approach - we provide a dedicated mailing address that you can use for your business and collect your incoming mails on your behalf, then ultimately digitize them. As such, Ten Hundred is location-agnostic and very scalable.

Although the intentions of the project founders are correct, I think they still have a lot to work on, including their website. They need to provide much more info about the app to sell it


Appealing idea which can solve common issues


Not enough information about the app

Love the concept and from my experience this is definitely a pain point for early stage businesses. Looks like they just need more information pushed to the site with full details. I would like to see more information before entering my email etc.
@benjamin_skipwith_smith Thank you! Yes, more info will be coming to the website. Feel free to DM me if you have any specific questions in the meantime.