Ten Hands

One place to run your command line tasks

Developers keep opening many terminals to run their tasks/scripts/commands. Ten Hands makes it easier to organize frequently using command line tasks in one place. It is free and Open Source.
seems handy
Hey Folks! This is my attempt to bring some tool I created in my free time for my everyday use and learning new programming tools. I personally run a bunch of NodeJS and Front-End projects and their database tasks simultaneously and keep finding myself opening a lot of terminals and type the same npm tasks repeatedly. If you are a developer or admin or anyone who runs same tasks in terminals frequently, Ten Hands will help you organize them in projects and use them with a click of start and stop buttons. NodeJS has support where you can import package.json file and it'll import all it's scripts. But this aims to be framework agnostic task management tool for developers. You can create empty project and add any tasks that run in terminal into that project. Automatically importing different framework's tasks by their config files is in roadmap. This is free and open-source project. I'm happy I launched an app Product Hunt for the first time. I appreciate any feedback. Hope this tool helps :)