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#1 Product of the WeekSeptember 02, 2019
Tempo is the minimalist email client that helps you build healthier habits. Take control of your time and do your best work – inside and outside your inbox.
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Hi everyone – and thanks Tomaž! We started Tempo because we found ourselves spending more and more time in our inboxes while being the proudest of the work we did outside of them. So we decided to build a different email client from the idea that email in itself is not a goal. We’ve designed Tempo to help us build better habits around how we work with email. - We’re optimising for a better work life – not more emails sent per minute. - Give us the tools to take control of our time - Enable us to focus to do our best work, whether that’s design, code, slides or an actual email. It won’t be for everyone, but we’re confident it will be extraordinary for some. Let us know how it works for you and, as always, pet peeves and ideas are more than welcome! Best, Sebastian
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Looks quite nice! But $15/m is a bit steep for just e-mailing, right?
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@shrien Hi! yes, we are aware that 15 usd a month can be a lot for many people. Our goal is to build an independent company that can sustain itself by providing a great product and a great service to users. The reality of free products is simple: either they end up selling your data or selling the company to return investor money. And we don't really want to do either of that. On whether "just e-mailing" is worth 15 usd this is of course a fair comment. We have a lot of ideas of how to improve the product and maybe extend to other areas of the productivity stack. Stay tuned!
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@stefanozorzi Thanks for your reply! I really want to try out Tempo, but all the hassle of switching between E-mail clients is just not worth it if it means I have to pay a monthly fee after the beta. I'd rather go with a free account with the possibility of later on going for the payed account with more features than the free account. I'll stay tuned tho, keep up the good work!
@shrien that's great input, thanks! a freemium model is also something we are considering.
@shrien @stefanozorzi Take the comments here with a grain of salt, we're all product owners so not the best source of price validation... but for sure consider price testing. $15 is arbitrary value, you should feed in more user cases to determine each one's expected value then directly market to those that exceed your minimum return expectation.
@shrien @stefanozorzi Well, if 100 people subscribe to the 15$/mo model, you get 1500$/mo. If the price was say half of that, at 7.5$/mo, more people would find the offering attractive and you'd get, say, 200 subscribers. You get 1500$/mo still but more people can enjoy the product you worked so hard to build => you help more people and lose nothing! I'm obviously not a pro at this, but sounds reasonable. Thoughts?
I've been a happy user of Tempo since one of the first beta releases. It's a unique take on email, decoupling triage, quick replies and longer more thoughtful answers in an elegant way. Tempo helped stay on top of email with less stress. Can't wait for the mobile and iPad versions as well. On top of that Tempo is built by a very privacy focused group, with a business model that makes the project sustainable in the long run.
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@tomazstolfa @stefanozorzi can elborate on the statement "a very privacy focused group". What exactly do you mean by that?
@tomazstolfa @stefanozorzi You're (admitted: very good) service is a nice interface for #gmail. Working with Google is not what I consider "privacy focused"...
I've been a user of Tempo since from the very early days, maybe the earliest beta release. I do love the simplicity and the focus it brings my day to day. One thing I should point out here is the visual design. All the details are well though through and feels very refreshing by style. Even the waiting, loading animations are beautiful and very different than the style you see in every software nowadays.
Tempo saved my sanity after Google discontinued Inbox. I'm not sure about spending less time checking emails, because I can't live for too long without a dose of Tempo's gorgeous UI. Be sure to check out their Twitter, they post amazing images there they probably use as inspiration for Tempo's look and feel. Oh, and the sound and illustration and copy when you finish going through your inbox — feels amazing every time. Top notch.
@roman_davydko Thanks for the kind words – your comment made my day 🙏
@stockmarr It's the least I can do. Tempo makes my day every day :D