The app for slowmo & timelapse

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The Fly Labs' suite of video apps is pretty awesome!
@bramk Thanks Bram! Have you made any cool videos with it?
@timnovikoff not yet but I will! Just got iPhone 6 Plus so I'll be shooting a lot of stuff! :)
@bramk Woohoo that phone is the best, it shoots at 240 FPS for ultra slow mo. Tempo is great for that. Make sure to hashtag #MadeWithTempo and if you post today mention that we're on PH of course! ;-)
With Tempo, you can now choose to timelapse or slow down different portions of the same clip before uploading to your social channels. It also allows you to import music from your own library to bring the fully-edited video together. Its also included in Facebook’s Messenger Platform‘s release.
@divjpatel Thanks! If you make a vid in Tempo make sure to hashtag #MadeWithTempo (and of course if you post it today, mention that it's on ProductHunt today! :-))
Looks awesome! It's a really neat effect that is very difficult and time consuming to create with a professional desktop software. Fly Labs rocked again with Tempo. Can't wait what will be their next app.
@stasix Thanks Stas!
It took a while to find on the App Store! Cool app, it does a great job of focus: music and slo-mo!
@gnownad Thanks for the kind words danwong. Yeah it just launched yesterday so the App Store Search hasn't really picked it up yet, but AppStore.com/Tempo works to find it. (Also we're featured #1 on the App Store in Photo+Video, so you can also find it like that, haha just sayin' :D)
outstanding UI