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Rich people insights added to smart calendar

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I think the best way to answer this is via the usage data: 1. Month view is most popular followed by agenda view 2. Add and editing of events is extremely popular (pure calendar use case where we like to think of ourselves as more of an assistant) -> which frankly caught me by surprise. Interestingly, this usage as a ratio per session has continued to grow each month validating the mobile-first transformation! 3. More exciting are the use of Tempo's smart features. Automatic conference dialing (ie don't have to remember the PIN code) in Tempo by far has very high engagement and retention 4. Considering how few calendar entries contain flight details, checking of flight status in Tempo also has very high engagement. 5. Send message (to meeting attendees) and sending of an "I'm late" message have consistently had high engagement since launch and have also risen on a per session basis. As a side-note, this made us realize that calendar is a "communications tool" 6. Lastly, displaying of related email to events in Tempo has been very steady-state and has remained a feature that when we tweak we often get a lot of inbound support uproar! It has that top 10% use it like crazy kind of effect. There are certainly many other things being used and we're hoping our new Insights feature and smart alerts will create similar stickiness... There were certainly things that are not used so much. For example, our other calendar views (Week, Day, List) represent a fraction of the userbase but interestingly that userbase has extremely high retention... Suggested locations in Tempo where Tempo would try to extrapolate the meeting location and display it alongside your event is not something widely used and we think that's because location data (points of interest) is so dirty. Hope this helps!
Today, we announced the addition of Insights amongst other features into Tempo Smart Calendar. Insights effectively pulls together everything public that we can find about a person and displays it alongside your calendar event. It serves a two purposes: 1. Helps you be better prepared for your next meeting 2. Helps you nurture your existing relationships Our goal with Tempo is to provide as many assistant experiences especially for the busy professional with calendar as the UI metaphor. We often say, "Tempo looks like a calendar but feels like an assistant." Would love feedback and happy to answer any questions! Thx. Raj @mobileraj
Welcome, @mobileraj! Tempo, and this space in general, is fascinating. It's a technology that has potential to significantly change our behaviors and improve our daily routine. What are the most common or useful use cases you've found with Tempo? cc @jeremylv from Sunrise in case he wants to chime in.