Read and annotate the popular religious texts

Temple.io is starting point for any theological discussion. It includes all the major religious texts, including: The Bible, The Qur'an, and the Pali Canon . Each religious text is layed out in a intuitive manner with the ability to annotate verses down to a specific word. We thought it would be fun to have a resource where you could analyze some of the most influential writings in history. Hopefully Temple.io will become a place where open minded people can exchange ideas. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts!
Hi @interneteur, very interesting project! Any plan to add other languages? Create private notes?
@frankmoshe We are working on getting more languages, versions, and translations. We plan to add the ability to start private group discussions, they will only be visible to those who you share the link with.
@pejrich @frankmoshe +1 on the other languages. There is a *ton* of meaning that gets lost when you take the Torah from Hebrew to English. All in all though, this is a super interesting project. Kudos!
This ideas reminds me of Sefaria, which is currently only focusing on Jewish texts: http://www.sefaria.org/ and is also available on Github.
@avizuber yeah that seems like a great resource. As @pejrich said we are going to be working diligently on trying to get more resources up.