Templatery is a growing collection of beautiful templates for Figma presentations. All templates are free and ready to be cloned.
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Hi Hunters! 👋 I'm Filip and 3 months ago I was asked to give a small presentation on product design. It was 30 minutes before the event and I had no slide deck ready, simply because I did not really enjoy creating presentations and I delayed this to the very last minute. On top of that, the presentation involved a lot of exported graphics of our existing designs. A small drop of sweat appeared when I started to think how long it would take to export, import and arrange all of the screens in something like Google Slides. And so I found out about Figma's presentations view and how easy it was to wire up a presentation with prototyping. No need to launch another app or website, no need to export the assets and upload them, no need to work with a clumsy, slow interface. And in addition to that, knowing the Figma shortcuts made this process extremely quick and familiar. Over the next weeks, I continued to give another couple of presentation in a similar fashion and now I can't think of going back to anything else. However, one thing was still missing. I had to start every time from scratch and I eventually created my own template which I always modified. Before, this was solved by sites with an amazing collection of templates (like Slidesgo or Slidescarnival) which would let me just duplicate a file, change a couple of texts and be ready to present with a beautiful slide deck. And so, Templatery was born. It's my take on creating a collection of templates for Figma's presentations. They are free, crafted with love and just waiting for you to clone them. The selection is not that vast yet, but expect it to grow over the coming weeks. I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks!
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@avesunaden The templates are so beautiful and the colours are very nice!
Wow, these look amazing! 😧 I love the Grady template the most Good job Filip 👏
@martingalovic Glad that you love it! Thanks!
A very good image presentation template.