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#2 Product of the WeekJuly 11, 2015

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@kwdinc - Thanks so much for hunting this.. my new project. I'd really appreciate some feedback from the Product Hunt community, especially on the UX. I have a lot of plans for Template Stash. The first update will include an advanced to search but platform (ie; Wordpress, Ghost, Bootstrap, etc..), provider and color pallette.
@carolskelly nice on Carol! Yet another Stash site :)
Template Stash is a curated collection of the best free Website templates. Each template is evaluated on the basis of Visual Appeal, Form & Function and Ease-of-Customization. Template Stash is a growing curation with templates organized and searchable by category, keywords, provider or framework. There are also specific collections that are grouped by various design trends such as "flat", "material design" and "color palette".
super useful, great discovery!
This is really a great tool, I like the simplicity of the UI. Curious to know what you used in building the UI?
@swarnakishoree thanks. The site is built on nodejs, and uses Materialize framework for the UI.
this brought a tear to my eye. thank you. :)