Use your smartphone to make video calls or play games on TV.

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Thanks so much for hunting TellyMount @kwdinc! TellyMount is a smartphone holder that positions your phone above a TV. It comes with a companion app (for iOS and Android) that can be used to video call on TV. Get your family on the couch and video chat with loved ones on the big-screen.
I love this product - it brings mobile to a whole new (eye) level! In all seriousness, though, TellyMount seems really practical. I can't wait to take my teleconference calls without having a closeup of my face consume the entire screen. I also love that it makes larger-screen gaming more accessible to those without consoles; it's a nice bridge.
A solution looking for a problem? Or maybe I'm just not understanding why you would go this route when there are many alternatives.
@pointandstare There aren't many alternatives. Skype for TV is ending. TellyMount is a simple & affordable way to get your family on the couch and video call with loved ones.
Lounge rooms of all sizes. I'm wondering how far away from the phone you can sit and it still pick up your voice on the phone mic?
Anyone know if this will be relaunching on Kickstarter or just sold in stores?