Control your electronics using your computer

Ok. Few days ago, I posted Brightup a company that sells smart plugs and an app to control them. Today, I'm sharing with you the solution I ended up buying for my flat: the TellStick Router. Several reason why I picked Telldus over other products using more recent technologies (wifi, z-wave, etc.): - the TellStick solutions are compatible with different brand of plugs (some of them are pretty cheap: I paid less than 20€ for 3 plugs) - said compatible plugs are often sold with a remote (which is great: you don't always want to have to use your phone to turn off the light..) - it uses a pretty old and well known technology to control the plugs - it supports sensors (thermometers, etc.) - there's an online service and an app to schedule and control the plugs - it's opensource (yay!) What do you guys think about it?