Teller API

A single API to connect your app with any bank's account

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Stevie Graham
Thanks for hunting Teller @andreasklinger! Hi everyone, really excited to open the Teller API beta to the public and to see what folks will do with it. As Andreas said in his comment, the idea for Teller came from personal frustration. A few years ago after I left Twilio, I started to build a payments layer on top of the Faster Payments service in the UK.… See more
Andreas Klinger
@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
Imagine your app needs to connect to a user's bank. You are pretty much screwed. Banks have the worst public APIs out there… if they even have any. If you want to offer your app to any kind of user you might as well give up. No way you will ever support all those bank APIs. Take your product idea. Either rip it apart, add 3 years of development time or wait… See more
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · 2X Saas Founder + Angel Investor
This is an incredibly important/relevant space: Yodlee, Finicity, and Plaid API are closing the gap. We need more of these services to pop up so we cover more of the banks and turn them from analog to discrete. Stevie if you need anything from me, don't hesitate to hit me up. This is going to be huge. Well done!
Joshua Miller
@dusty_much · Web Developer, Tech Enthusiast
Awesome idea! One question though: If the banks change their APIs how will your API be affected and how quickly can you respond?
Devan Koshal
@devankoshal · CEO & Product @ Chec
Awesome to see this finally released publicly. The UK market has needed this for a while.