Build apps on top of your bank account

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by Ben Tossell (No-coder πŸ‘‰

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Hi, I'm the founder of Teller. It might be a bit early for Product Hunt but I guess the decision has been made for me! 😜 Teller is fully transactional banking API that exposes structured transactional data and the ability to make payments from your bank account! Teller provides a single API for integrating with any bank. The beta launches today with support for Natwest bank in the UK, more banks will be added as quickly as we can write integrations. I'm here for any questions you have. Fire away!
@stevegraham Nice work! Using banks like Natwest online, you tend to have to register the payee first using the issued secure card readers. How does Teller work with that requirement when it comes to payments or is it not an issue for you?
Stripe for bank accounts - this looks incredible.
Much needed!! Can't wait to see what people create with these new possibilities.
Very cool stuff. Stevie Graham is a legend