Create and share video using only your web browser.
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G'day, Product Hunt! 👋 For the past few months Michiel and I have been building Tella, and we're stoked to finally share the beta with you. Tella is a collaborative video editor. You can create and share video using only your web browser. Tella is great for things like: 🖥 Product demos 📢 Company announcements 📊 Sales pitches 👩‍💻 Videos for blogs and newsletters Tella lets you... 🎞 Combine multiple recordings 🖼 Add other content like gifs & CTA buttons 🍭 Quickly reuse & remix content ⚡️ Collaborate in real-time 🔗 Share or embed with a link Back when we worked at a big remote company we wanted a better way to share our product updates—that viewers would actually enjoy watching. Zoom fatigue is real, timezones make scheduling a pain, and slide-decks and email are boring. So we built Tella! Tella is completely free while we're in beta, so give it a hoon! We can't wait to see what you make. 😊
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Great tool to replace most of what you'd traditionally communicate via slide decks or long emails! I now use it for quick product or feature demos, communicate with our company's partners in other time zones, and even started using it for personal updates. Also, as a non-video-editing savvy person, I can create (quite) engaging videos in just a few minutes. The number of new features coming every week is also very impressive. Keep it up!
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I've been using Tella for a few weeks now and can't recommend it enough. Whenever I need to do a quick demo, send feedback on a teammate's project, or make a tutorial for a client during hand-off, I just go to and launch right into a new Tella recording.
Cheers @zachgrosser , and thanks for all the feedback so far—it's really helped get Tella to where it is today :)
Really great product! We've been using it to receive feedback on Design and Brand projects and has been working amazingly! Thanks for making this!
This is super cool, seems like you guys could replace Premiere for a lot of people
@yunyu Agree completely
@yunyu yup, we'd love to replace tools like Premier and Screenflow for a bunch of use cases. Obviously some are more challenging that others tho 😅 Video gives you so many ways to communicate and be creative, but the barrier is often pretty high—even for simple things like a product demo. So we're hoping to lower it a bit!