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I love the simplicity (similar to Tally which is a dead simple way to create polls). There's no login but the site also caches questions and responses locally. Smart.
@rrhoover Tally is awesome! Didn't know about it. Thanks for a tip!
Use this app when you want to know what people really think without social pressure. Could be something like this :)
@ivanpashenko love the simple the design. Out curiosity how do in vision this being different than Google Survey? Thank you and good luck!
@vivekmgeorge Thanks! Not sure that I'm aware of Google Survey vision :) Actually it was just a weekend project. I wanted to ask my friends an anonymous question and I could not find any simple enough solution for it. So I asked @iovdin why not to build it? He replied: Sure!
@iovdin @ivanpashenko got it! To be totally fair a Google Survey can do this. We use it for our community, but your design is certainly prettier and simpler.
Awesome, dead simple and very intuitive. I'm trolling on it already ( but can think of a lot of real uses for it as well!
@avizuber Thanks! Will see how it's going to evolve.