The first wooden circuit board in a watch

The telhart watch has circuits made from American hardwood, which are tailor-cut (1mm thin) before being welded with copper wiring to form each circuit board. Made in San Francisco.

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Somebody make a mechanical watch with glowing arrows from the battery... However, this one is nice
Owen Far
Mastering Web Development
The circuit board is "made from American hardwood" 🤔 How is this environmental friendly? And what's unique about having a wooden circuit board? Is it really that durable by time? I'm really surprised to see how many people would pay $350 for a simple watch like this. I like the design, but I feel like this product is trying to be something it's not, and it is definitely way too overpriced..
Kyle Hartelt
Product designer, founder of telhart
@owenfar1 Understandable concerns. Normal watches use thermoplastics as the substrate on there circuit boards. Using wood removes all the plastic from the product, hence the "environmentally friendly." The wood circuit board is super robust, it has been treated to protect from any thermal events and it's in a hermetically sealed watch case which shields it to any environmental damage. It's been thoroughly tested and preforms beautifully. As for the price, 99% of all quartz watches are made in Asia where labor and material are cheap. This watch is made in the U.S.A by had with high quality materials. $350 is a super good deal.
Anthony UlrichPM & Entrepreneur

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