Television Time

Track your favorite shows

Track your favorite TV shows, and never miss an episode again! Television Time has been a dream project of mine. I love watching TV and watch a lot of shows. This app makes it easy to see which shows air soon and which episodes you have missed. Television Time has support for iOS 9 features such as spotlight search and uses less power in Low Power Mode to help preserve battery. Television Time also has a today widget which displays the shows airing that night which helps keep you up to date! On your wrist you can quickly see that data as well at a glance, and even see all the shows you need to catch up on! There are many other features such as and iCloud sync, accessibility support, watch trailers and much more. I hope you guys love the app! I am also submitting a update tonight adding 3D touch features! You can quickly get to search, and view upcoming shows from the shortcut menu. If you have any question's I'd be more than happy to answer them in the comments below :)
@maxhasadhd Looks great Maximilian! I've used an app like this for years, and it might be time to switch to yours. :)
@imakestrides Thank you so much Kyle, it really means a lot! I hope you enjoy Television Time :) Let me know of any features you think I should add as well or any ways I could improve (if any :P)
Television Time looks brilliant. How long did it take you to develop it?
@tristancelebi Hi Tristan! Thank you for the complement :) I started on Television Time in February of this year, so just a few months.
@maxhasadhd that's awesome. Thanks for letting me know.
Hey everyone! Television Time 1.2 has been released, and it is the biggest update to date! It includes features such as cast and crew information, episode screenshots and ratings, sync settings, sync archived shows over Trakt, and much more! I'm answering questions on it's Product Hunt page, it would mean a lot if everyone could help up vote it!
This looks very similar, even in design, to iTV Shows 3. Did you pull any inspiration from that? @maximillian
@alexputici A small amount, it was the app I used for a long time, but due to some bugs, and wanting to add my own features was one of the reasons I decided that I had to make my own. I think the biggest influence is the to-watch screen, it is the most logical way of showing the to-watch list. The most unique screens unlike any others is the search and show/episode information. I also focused a lot on making sure that syncing works great for iCloud and, and from reports so far they work great!
@maxhasadhd thanks. I just can't see any differences between the two. What features are there that you wanted to add that aren't already in iTV Shows 3 that would be reason for a person to switch?
@alexputici well to start, Television Time is up to date with the latest Apple technology, shows can be searched in Spotlight, use less power in low power mode, and has 3D Touch support already for iPhone 6s. It also has a today widget and supports iPad split screen multitasking. Also the show information and episode information views lay out the information in a clean way and it's easy to find the information you want to know about a show. I also have some pretty sweet animations