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Hey Product Hunters! We couldn’t be more excited to launch Teletype, a revolutionary new iMessage extension aimed at disrupting the powerful telegraph industry. Your move, telegraph tycoons! 😏 Many thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting us! The telegraph industry has struggled to connect with millennials, and telegraph use among young people has been in decline for decades. And no wonder! Who wants to make a trip to the local telegraph office and pay 60¢ just to send a simple message like “U UP?” So our startup rethought the process of sending and receiving telegrams from the ground up. Does a twenty-first century telegraph company really need thousands of local offices and millions of miles of telegraph wires? Are bicycle-riding delivery boys really the most efficient way to deliver telegrams to their final destination? Isn’t the term “delivery boy” a little sexist? 🤔 In an industry burdened by establishment thinking, we were the only ones asking bold questions like these. The result is an innovative new technology-driven solution for sending and receiving telegrams. You can launch Teletype directly within your iPhone’s Messages app, compose telegrams to your friends, and send them instantly via iMessage. It’s that easy! If you want to add even more flair, you can unlock additional telegram designs for 99¢. Speaking of which, We’re including a special promotion just for Product Hunt 😃. Use the coupon code KITTYGRAM to unlock one premium design for free! We’ll be around all day to answer questions and talk to investors looking for the next 🦄 startup. Hit us with your feedback and ideas in the comments!
@hford5 @_jacksmith love the product. I've personally always loved retro style messaging. Have you thought about moving Teletype into an actual physical product? Would be cool to SMS a teletype postcard to someone. (Something I would pay for) Also, you guys should submit this to https://botlist.co/ under our iMessage bots.
@sethlouey @_jacksmith Thanks for your kind words! As you can probably guess, we're big fans of retro messaging here at the Post Haste Telegraph Company. In fact, we already have a real-world version of Teletype under development 😃 We first built out a prototype for a telegram postcard, but ultimately decided against it just because it didn't *feel* right — maybe we're just too attached to the look and feel of authentic historical telegrams 😅 [EDIT: Here's a link to the prototype postcard mentioned above: ] Instead, a couple weeks back we ordered a couple dozen envelope and paper samples and set to work recreating historical telegram designs with as much love and attention to detail as possible. Having already created nearly a dozen authentic telegram templates for Teletype, the main challenge is nailing the font and text strips. Even the most convincing computer fonts don't cut it when they're printed out, so we're experimenting with typewriters and toying around with the idea of buying a teleprinter on eBay.
Really cool product, well done! No official statement from the telegraph industry yet, they must be terrified 😄.
@bastienpetit Thanks man! They should be 😄
Looks cool! To send a telegram, does the recipient also need to have Teletype installed?
@jb_bakst Thanks! The recipient doesn't need to have Teletype installed. In fact, they don't even have to be an iPhone user.
Would love ti give a try, but seems it's for US only ... Never got why restricting such product to US only but ... ok.
@thibaultmilan We wish we could offer it everywhere, but displaying local currencies correctly for premium telegram designs was just a bridge too far for our overworked code monkey 🙈 Still, we're going to temporarily release it worldwide so you can give Teletype a try! 🙌 Just please forgive us for having all prices listed in USD 😅 [EDIT: Released worldwide! It may take a while for Apple to update the store, however. Happy Teletyping, @thibaultmilan!]