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Hi Hunters, thanks for dropping by to check out! Thanks @bramk for hunting! Okay, picture this: you develop some cool custom build website, using the latest tech stack and of course without using a CMS. But suddenly, when you grow, you realize every text change requires a developer to change the source code and to do a deployment, leading to lack of flexibility for both developers and marketers. Sure, you could add a CMS, but that means even more programming, not to mention the costs and security issues. What if you could avoid all of this by adding just one line of code? You like that idea? Well, that's what we do. is a drop-in content management service. You can integrate it on any website by simply adding our javascript client and tagging your content. You can even add and edit multiple languages. Check it out for yourself and try the demo. And please let us know what you think We'd really cherish your honest feedback. Only today for you hunters we give out a 30% lifetime discount on any paid plan!
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@marcelpanse @bramk Question: are these changes visible to robots (googlebot, twitterbot, etc)? If not, a lot of these changes will affect users, but not search results / shares on social media
@avalera @ketacode All dynamically injected content will be indexed by Google, we tested this extensively before starting this project, you can find the test results here: Bing & Yandex won't index javascript yet. In case you still want their support you could use our serverside solution, see:
When I first saw a live demo of this tool I knew right away this was every marketer's and CRO's dream. The changes are pushed live. It's really quite amazing. Unbounce on some Schwarzenegger steroids.. fantastic work guys.
@darnocks Haha "Unbounce on some Schwarzenegger steroids" - Awesome!
@marcelpanse @darnocks Indeed an awesome tool, also for managing multiple translations on a page!
Normally I'm kind of shy of these "one line of code" things, but I actually just implemented it on my homepage. Which is a node.js project with EJS template. Even the dynamic stuff I can manage. Pretty awesome Marcel!
We switched from a very expensive Enterprise CMS that no one dared to edit, except for the development team, to a static S3 hosted site with just a few weeks back. Now 'even' our CEO feels comfortable editing the content on the website at night, during the weekend or after a few beers. It is the best of both worlds for us. The quickness of developing a static website and the ease for our marketeers to edit content.
@timanrebel Thank you for sharing :-)
Sounds really great tool!! I am really fed up with waiting for changes to be done in our website... That will definitely save us time!
@justmalinauskas Thank you Justas, I'm glad you like it!