A beautiful, stylish and minimal publishing platform ✏️

Telescope is a writing and publishing platform. It offers a beautiful and minimal text editor, it doesn't ask your personal details, it features a bunch of cool content distribution mechanisms, and fast and nice-looking content pages.
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Dear Product Hunters! 👋 The idea of Telescope appeared in my head when I understood that I don’t like the existing publishing platforms anymore, and it seems like nobody else does — most of them are monstrous, they show you ads, include tons of JS, and, in addition, they lock you in and don't allow you to own the content you created. That's why I created a platform called Telescope — a nice and beautiful way of writing and distributing your content. This project is very special for me, and it ideally represents my thoughts of how honest and simple products in 2019 should be. Telescope was built with several ideas in mind: 1) Any content should belong to creators, not to the platform; 2) Any page should contain only the content itself without any scripts, tracking mechanisms or banners; 3) Everything should be fast — just because we're showing static content, and there is no real reason for all of it to be slow. That's why Telescope requires no registration, it's fast and it includes several unique features like the ability to subscribe to any projects or blogs using Telegram, or export all your articles in the form of a standalone HTML blog in just 2 clicks! I’ve been working hard on this project for the last months, and I’m genuinely interested in hearing what you think about it so far.
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I really liked how simple it is. Loved the minimal design and user experience. I think it's all you need when publishing - just writing your stuff without any distractions.
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@erikasaves thank you for your support! Yes, that's exactly the main idea.
That is super awesome, great work! I've been looking for a good replacement of Medium — it seems that you've made it. Will give it a go for sure. Thank you for making it. 🙂
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@moorstas thanks for your support!
This is awesome. Glad to see a simple alternative to Medium. How are you planning to monetize?
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@dayaz36 Pro accounts are already implemented. They give you some additional customization options and the dark theme for both editor and blog/project. There is one more feature that will become available quite soon and only for Pro accounts — an ability to see the detailed information about visitors and views. I also have an idea of implementing a model similar to Patron that will allow content creators to get money from their "premium" subscribers. However, this is still something I need to think more about.
@dayaz36 @alwxtwi Alexander, can you clarify: you mention "an ability to see the detailed information about visitors and views" but how would this co-exist with a lack of "any scripts, tracking mechanisms or banners"?
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Like it! Going to use it as replacement to Telegraph.
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@aleh_atsman please do! :) Thanks!