The stock ticker for the #PoliticalEconomy

How much money is being raised and spent in your state or nationwide? Telescope displays campaign finance activity in real time.

Eric Nakagawa
Justin Hernandez
Jon Borgonia
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    This product exposed to me the sheer amount of money in political campaigns.


    Next, I'd like to see how the money is spent.

    A timely tool for upcoming and ongoing political elections!

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Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez@justin_hernandez · Just me
Hi guys, I'm Justin from Circa Victor. We strongly believe that it's every citizen's right to be informed about what goes on during the election process. That is why we decided that we would dedicate our lives to understanding and fixing an often overlooked and difficult topic - campaign finance. Telescope is the culmination of 3 years of sweat, tears and sql. We hope you like it! Details: 1. This is the entire 2018 political cycle as of ~ 30 minutes ago 2. We source our data from the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) raw electronic filings 3. We aggregate our totals from individual transactions and not committee self-reported totals If you are interested in seeing any specific data please fill out a request: Thanks!
When I enter the url in Facebook, the preview image is Amazon AWS. A screenshot of the homepage would be better.
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez@justin_hernandez · Just me
@dmerms Thanks David. Updated
Alex Wawl
Alex Wawl@alexwawl · Software Engineer, Data Scientist
Hey guys, nice work! Where did you get all this data? If you will need any Analytics you can use our product Worfor and we will help you with hiring process totally free just ping me in chat on website;)
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez@justin_hernandez · Just me
@alexwawl Hi Alex. We get all of our data from the raw filings at It is a public resource. Thanks for the Analytics offer! 😃