The easiest way to launch your own Product Hunt-like site

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Telescope is a free open-source app built with Meteor that makes it easy for anyone to launch their own community, and we just pushed a big update to make it easier to install and customize. The install process is now super simple (no more having to use git!), and Telescope now supports themes and plugins. We've also completely refactored Telescope's internal API to be much easier to understand, as well as written new documentation from scratch. Telescope is not just for Product Hunt-type sites by the way. You can also use it for content aggregation or event scheduling, or getting to #2 on Product Hunt ;) Lots of PH members have used Telescope to launch products already, and I'm looking forward to seeing what people can do with this new version!
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@sachagreif great! I got an error trying to try it out. Mind contacting me? andyodower on the gmail.
@sachagreif +1 to meteor devs! I am a few weeks in and love it.
@sachagreif awesome job! how flexible this is? For example to embed video on the homepage feed or images?
@demoweb_co You can do both. See for example.
@sachagreif I really agree on the point about not only a product hunt type site. Code buddies is a pretty good one for different type of use. They've even integrated Google Hangout. I'm planning to start a new community for different kind of different purpose. Let's see. Telescope updating method was the biggest pain the earlier version. But with the meteor package system integration solves that in a very clever way. I really like that. Kudos for that.
Sacha's efforts on Telescope are a case study in open-source tenacity — love that Telescope has been completely refactored to the point that it is a Meteor package vs. a starter app. This means that any Meteor app can add a Telescope community to it by typing `meteor add telescope:core` — I expect to see a lot more Telescope communities now!
@rywalker thanks! If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you certainly need tenacity with open-source projects!
@rywalker Excellent point. @sachagreif for major structural changes do I need to maintain a local copy of the package? Is it as easy as it was before to preserve changes through updates?
@siddygups it's actually easier, because you can now update with `meteor update`. No need to use Git anymore, unless you want to.
We used this on and it's been amazing. From idea to product in 4 days because of Telescope
We have been using Telescope for 11 months now for and it's awesome. Try it out!
Totes amazeballs (especially considering it's all open-source).