An online teleprompter to make you a better public speaker

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Really cool idea,. I (along with many others) tend to speak quickly when giving presentations. This is a good tool to practice slowing down and adding dramatic pauses. 😊 This GIF describes how it works pretty well: How did you come up with this, @hoodmonkey?
Jeff Hood
@rrhoover Thank you, Ryan! I was recording an online course video and totally botched it. After the mighty effort of writing a lengthy script in Word, the idea of automatic scrolling text like a news teleprompter appealed to me. Until I tried one. :-) After watching around 180 speeches, I realized the complexities of language could - on average - form a ridiculously simple procedural method that sounded professional. Turns out, this is exactly what the "pros" do. TelePromptor actually counts the average length of time one should spend on each word, down to the syllable. It also sets focus on your speech, one line at a time, rather than throwing everything at you all at once. That's about 1/4th of my original idea. About 8 months later, it's alive and free for basic use, and I'm allocating 80% of my day to listen to feedback and improve not only the app itself, but the way we all talk. Glad to have it on ProductHunt, among the most creative apps and services humankind has ever seen :-)
@hoodmonkey @rrhoover I'm really interested in this as the other teleprompter apps in the market suck... I was actually thinking on making one on my own but you just did it so it's great :) So far I found some issues, after creating a new document, what I would like to do is to be able to paste my script (that I usually write on a txt file or on Dropbox Paper), the problem is that after pasting the text, the app seems to crash as I can't do anything with it, all buttons stop working and I have to reload the page and start again, so I end up in an endless loop... I would expect the app to get my pasted text and split the text with my already set paragraphs. Or at least be able to do it by myself. On the other hand the pricing is a bit confusing, somewhere it says $29.95 one time fee, and other places says $4,95 a month. Which is the right one? Honestly I would not pay monthly for that as I see it more a one time fee than a monthly subscription (but that's just my opinion). I hope you can fix the issues and I can start using it and even buy it :) Thanks!
I really like this but was confused as to where to buy it.... Do I have to go to that third party site to get it? If so, the prices seem different... Also does it to mirrored text? Do I need to upload it to my server to work? Can you give us a direct buy link with a discount? Thanks!
Bent Stamnes
Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
Really well done @hoodmonkey - love this!
Helen Crozier
technology mentor
a thousand thank you's - so need this right now as I am recording a course!!
alan jones
Tech startup coach and investor
Great idea @hoodmonkey. I review a lot of video pitches from startup founders hoping to be accepted into accelerator programs at bluechilli, startmate and muru-D. Founders are universally terrible at speaking to camera and this could really help. But creating a script a line/para at a time is too time-consuming β€” most scripts exist as a .DOC, RTF or TXT and you will get a lot more adoption if you allow users to import those file formats. And like other users say, copying and pasting seems to kill the app (Safari OSX) for me. Recommend you price this on a relatively high price per use (e.g. $20) rather than a once-off or monthly subscription price. That will mean more revenue for you and better matches how most users will want to use it β€” rarely but it will be mission-critical when they do.
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