Create a blog from your Telegram channel

💀️ UPDATE: The project is closed, see this tweet for more details: 💀

Telepost generates a blog from a Telegram channel

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💀️ UPDATE: The project is closed, see this tweet for more details: 💀 I figured out that I’m working on Telepost for little more than 100 days. It didn't feel good to realize that nobody wants to buy Ask User after 6 months of development. 100 days it's about a quarter of a year. I should not repeat the mistake. So I decided to go live right now and put aside all those mandatory features I planned before the release. 👉 Here is the demo of @rrhoover's channel: and of my channel: 💶 Telepost is free, but I also offer plus account that allows having a custom domain with free SSL powered by amazing Let's Encrypt, embed Google Analytics or have comments, just for €200/year. 📣 If you're interested, hit me at 🤝 Thanks to @andreyazimov and Sheet 2 Site for inspiration. 🔥 The goal of Telepost is to make blogging as easy as chatting with a friend 🔥
@kossnocorp congrats with the launch! The product is awesome! And in the future when I will have my telegram channel I will definitely use it.
@rrhoover @andreyazimov @kossnocorp Well done! How have you realised the function to CHANGE already posted content, lets say something you wrote weeks ago? Can you just use telegram's build-in function to edit message and it will get automatically pushed to you server and update the blog?
@rrhoover @andreyazimov @serglotz you can edit messages and Telepost will update the content (I've just shipped this feature) as long as Telegram allows you. After a few hours, (what's the delay?) Telegram will stop accepting updates, so it will stay as is forever. I'm planning to introduce moderation tools in the future so you could adjust things but it won't reflect in Telegram channel.
@kossnocorp @andreyazimov too bad, I really like the idea. but i understand your troubles. cheers
Hi! Why links in posts are not working? Please, fix this functional. Thanks for the product and good luck!
@new_user_ba56a5d415 I'm working on text formatting right now. Soon it will match Telegram.
Nice work and good idea !
Yo, this is sick. Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApps copying it into the ability for users to have webpages in 3.. 2..
@lyondhur ha-ha, thanks!

I was looking for such product since I started my Telegram channel one year ago. Never had discipline to cross post to multiple mediums (Telegram & Blog) but now I can just post to Telegram and voila, post is automagically added to my blog. SEO & organic growth ftw! Sasha is a great developer, ships features faster than I come up with ideas for what else I may need :) Highly recommend Telepost for everyone who wants to level up his/her blogging 🔥


Easy to set up, does exactly what it promises, great customer support, made by indie maker


Design is limited now, but Sasha promised to add more templates and customisation options soon :)

Kudos to Dima, for him for agreeing to become my customer #1 ❤️Shout-out to early adopters!