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Businesses and organizations can now send an Uber to many

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Hunted Teleport four months back after hanging with Bob in NYC. Now it's nearly in the Product Hunt 1000 upvote club: Today the team is ready with an update that I thought was cool even from our conversation IRL. Now businesses and organizations to send Ubers to many people at once. "Imagine throwing an exclusive event where the location is a secret and all attendees are sent a ride to take them to the event. Teleport Dashboard works great for businesses and organizations that need to send rides to multiple clients simultaneously. This will transform any industry that has or uses a fleet of cars. Industries that will be able to use this include paratransit, universities, hotels, conventions, event planning, entertainment venues, hospitals, nursing homes, law firms, and investment banks. Teleport Dashboard allows any business to basically have an on demand Uber fleet at their fingertips." Bob, how does Teleport Dashboard differ from Uber Events that launched soon after Teleport? Remember you were working closely with the Uber API team. Disclosure - NOT an investor in Teleport.
@suzywillow Thanks for hunting us again! Super appreciate it. We do have a great relationship with the Uber API team and they have been wonderful to work with. Regarding Uber Events, it allows you to purchase rides for your guests who are already Uber users. All guests need to enter a Uber code for it to work and the host needs to pre-enter information into their online platform before it can go live. Uber Events works if you are doing a Tech related party with 20 to 30 year olds, but what about other businesses? Teleport Dashboard is different in that you can send Uber cars to pick up ANYONE. They don't need to be an existing Uber user or even have a smartphone. Senior citizens? Technology phobic friends? Be able to include everyone. If you are a business, once you are registered with us, you won't need to fill in long forms in order to send Uber cars. With our simple easy to use interface, you can literally start sending cars immediately. We essentially give businesses the ability to operate their own on-demand car fleet. Businesses don't have to worry about whether or not their riders have downloaded the Uber app and they can send multiple rides all from one central web platform.
Impressive. Great use for the Uber API.
@chrissherrod Thanks for the kind words:)
Between this and city bike share programs, I really like the idea of promoting more mobility. My use case is helping my grandma explore Oakland more with me πŸ˜„ Help her get a ride to the new store or restaurant even if I happen to be at work. Help her get out of the apartment more.
thats pretty awesome. saw a recent ted talk about carpooling, very cool to watch them change the world
Since I missed the first iteration. What was the initial offering? Friendly suggestion is to have a biz dev. manager reach out to all large events and festivals with +10,000 attendees and get them to start using Teleport. Excellent use of the Uber API. Just launched a beta version of one utilizing myself utilizing their API: