Teleport by 3D Hubs

3D Print API that connects your app to 16,000 3D Printers

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3D Hubs is a network of 3D Printers, providing local access to 3D Printing in almost every neighborhood in the world. Think Airbnb for 3D Printing. We've just unlocked our 3D Printer community to the public by releasing Teleport, our 3D Printing API. With this API anyone can now integrate 3D Printing in their website or app and send digital designs to over 16.000 3D printing locations in the world. We thought it would be interesting to open up our network to see what 3D Printing will be used for when we put it in the hands of designers and developers. Hopefully Teleport will contribute to bringing production back to the place where products are used. I’d love to hear feedback and brainstorm about potential use cases.
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@briangarret you're among techies, so the AirBnB for 3d printing is not necessary ;) But how awesome! So which partners are you aiming for at a consumer level? Sites like Etsy or Fancy connecting with your API?
@milann thanks! With the API we're (of course) targeting big companies like Nike, Ikea or indeed Etsy and Fancy. At the same time it gives a lot of power to product designers and App builders. They can easily integrate this and allow people to print content they make or unlock in-App, especially cool for Games like MineCraft etc. Designers on the other hand don't have to worry about stock, distribution, packaging or investments in molds. Really curious to hear and see what people come up with!
I'm curious what your idea behind allowing to use that with minecraft would be :) Using minecraft as a modeling software sounds pretty dope ^^ I wonder how this could integrate with all the invisible services we see for a while. Something like : "- hey Magic, I broke this piece of plastic on my freezer [+ multiple picture in different angles]" "- No problem, you can find a replacement at [address] in two hours"
@oelmekki thats an awesome idea! Indeed minecraft as a super simple modeling tool could be fun. In fact we already have integrated our API with these guys the interaction is much like minecraft :) For the invisible service it would be cool if someone would create something, perhaps based on twitter or email indeed! Is it something you might do? ;-)
@briangarret I already have my plans for the year to come ;) Invisible services are hot topic, though, pretty sure you can find someone to do this :) Edit: btw, if anyone is interested, I would say the key need for replication from image is to have a scale in picture. I've already toyed with this, here is the concept (sorry, it's in french, but pictures should be self explanatory):
@oelmekki Also employ Postmates or Uber API and you're good to go!
@oelmekki @binoyxj yup Uber delivery would further speed up the process!
@oelmekki nice, we're seeing more and more DIY fixing in the home environment using 3D Hubs.
Dear 3D Hubs-Team, you made my day. This is a really good idea to push 3D printing in the right way: Forward! Maybe in a further step you can build up a high-potential 3D printing community. Each member could upload his/her designs ready for 3D printing. So the creator of the designs could make money with it, you as a company too and additionally the owners of the 3D printers. So everybody can be a designer, consumer or/and a producer. So it is easy to monetize. Greetings from, The Hoomnizer ---- Anyway: Congratulations, you won the Hoomnizer's Award for the best product featured on Product Hunt today in my opinion:
@hoomnizer thanks for that Hoomnizer Award, pretty priceless! Indeed content for 3D Printing is a huge opportunity. For now we're relying on sites like Thingiverse, Instructables and SketchFabb (who integrated our API) to do the content curation but in the future it could certainly be Community powered!
Thanks for all the upvotes guys, we didn't expect it to get so much love! Keep the ideas & questions coming I'm here all day :-)
@briangarret This is almost certainly the coolest, most evolutionary product I have seen on PH. I am ordering Marvin now!
@siddygups awesome Siddharth, look forward to hear how you like your Marvin!