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Hey everyone! I’m the cofounder and designer at Teleport. Our team built Teleport because we were exploring ways we could improve relationships with the important people in our lives. We realized that one of the best ways to do that was to spend quality, face to face time with each other, and Teleport is our attempt to make that as easy as possible! I’ll be around to answer any questions you might have. Give us a visit at https://www.teleportapp.co and thanks for checking us out!
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@mkwng congrats on releasing something neat to help people change their location. I just wish this wasn't on such a direct trademark collision course with @TeleportInc...
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@mkwng Great design work! Loving products that are starting to feel closer to a game than a traditional app. A++
@mkwng Looks awesome! Totally random question but do you know if Uber's API supports request ride by text? So text your location and get a ride?
@jorge_selva @mkwng I'm not sure if it supports that out of the box, but that's a neat idea for a Twilio/Uber API integration!
My friend Bob's been building Teleport in stealth mode from NYC until today. Congrats, Bob and Michael & team! Earlier this year, Bob sent me a Teleport (for an Uber driver, but from Bob's Teleport) from one part of NY to another for an early afternoon coffee & it worked beautifully. On that note, it's easy to see potential, low-hanging fruit use cases: a generous & kind gesture, whether a date with someone you'd like to impress, an important work meeting, or just a catch up with a friend in town (in my case w Bob). Q: From my understanding, Uber only recently allowed 3rd party developer access to its API, a few months back. How did the partnership with Uber come about, and what's the biggest learning from working closely with the Uber API team?
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@suzywillow is Bob on PH so he can be added as Maker? Until he is added, I think I can only comment as a reply to your initial post. The concept seems sound (but I still have yet to try it, which I'd like to). I actually have been frustrated on many occasions trying to call an Uber or Lyft for the person I'm departing from (for various reasons).
@suzywillow Really like the idea, had so many arguments with friends whether we should come to them or they to us. Curious to hear your thoughts on first dates? Invite your date to your place?
@rikvandonselaar @suzywillow That's an interesting idea haha
@suzywillow I think this makes sense for sure :) I wonder if this works if you want a friend to LEAVE your house... 'accidentally' call them an Uber so they gotta go!
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@bentossell @suzywillow hahah I would love that
Very cool, @mkwng. Are you worried Uber's going to build this as a feature? They recently launched UberEVENTS which has some similarities. cc @andrewchen
@rrhoover It’s a huge concern of ours! No, I’m kidding of course, but in all seriousness, Uber has been a great partner and we’ve been in constant communication with their API team. We’re constantly impressed at their responsiveness and willingness to try out new things. I like to remind myself that we’re not building a transportation service, we’re just trying to make people… better friends. Uber’s API is enabling and allowing us to create a fun interaction, and I want to explore more ways that we can bring people to our service with the social value we provide. We’re mutually benefitting each other with parallel but different missions, and I like to think that Uber sees it the same way!
Great work guys!!! I'm so excited to finally see this roll out :) You guys did a phenomenal job.
@whoisnatelam Thanks for all the support! Couldn't have done it without you and your team.
Sounds like an awesome idea... *thinks of the too many uses* ... *downloads app*
@nivo0o0 Please share any novel uses you might come up with! Love hearing interesting ways people are using Teleport.