Know what your cat is thinking, and share it with the world

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Hi Hunters, Stefan co-founder of Telekitty here. We were tired of humans pretending to be cats in the comments of all our timelines. Seriously. Not all cats are plotting to take over the world, some of them are just as naughty as us and some of them just love fashion. We created Telekitty to take the communication between humans and their little feline friends to a new level and because Pieter our developer wanted to create cat recognition software. And to be honest, we just wondered if we could create an app that encouraged users to chase their cats. Enjoy.
I know you're going to love this Product Hunt! Always wanted to know what your cat is thinking? Look no further, Telekitty tells you all and let's you share your cat with the world! @stefanvdg can tell you more :)
I don't even know what to say.... Maybe there could be an app that takes a pic of me and layers on a random thought haha
@bentossell Random? Think again. Thoughts are picked based on the time of the day, cat characters we specified, we are currently adding thoughts based on the actual weather! Ha. Random ... .
Love it! I definitely need a cat now. However, my neighbor's cat thinks I'm his number 1. Let's hope they won't fight each other. Apps should be fun to use, and that's exactly what you've accomplished. It's even cooler because it's made in Belgium! (At least, it's something that's cheerful on this sad day.) Are there any plans to bring TeleKitty to Android?
@ignace_maes Yeah, weird day. Been working to this day for months and suddenly Brussels is under attack. Puts things in perspective. We canceled our launch communication except for PH. We hope to be able to launch an android version later this year. Let's see if we can launch an iOS version first. Now you should get a cat.
This product makes me purr....