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Once again, @Telegram is doing things its own way, launching a new bot that will let you login, write and edit, manage, and see stats for your Telegraph content. But that's not all — it's actually also releasing the underlying API that powers @telegraph so that other developers can build rich publishing features and sharing into their bots and apps. Will Medium (or someone else like IO) launch a bot of their own? I continue to find Telegram's strategy baffling — not to say wrong — and wonder what their ultimate end game is...!
@chrismessina @telegram @telegraph How come they are not growing faster than What's App? they are by far a better platform....
I absolutely love this! Though I'm not a Telegram user (and certainly don't need yet another publishing end point) I DO HEARTILY SUPPORT and recommend others to embrace this sort of "creative channel" tool! Reasons why: A) since Apps replaced Websites it makes sense that Bots will replace Apps. And since Blogs were/are a very popular form of website / I've been waiting to see Bot Blog tools - for a while now (most of 2016!) B) speaking of creativity and self expression - this just happens to be the realm in which we're (my new startup) is working within. So anyone combining self-expression and ChatBots is alright by me! C) thank you for the great wake up news Chris! How was a Paris? :-)
@marc_canter it was great! Nice to be back in San Francisco's sister city!
hmmm... interesting. I'm extremely intrigued. I'm excited to see where they move this.