Telegram X

An alternative Telegram client built in Swift

Telegram X is an official alternative Telegram client built in Swift, with higher speed, slicker animations, themes and more efficient battery use.

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This app is great. I've been beta testing it for 2 months. Dark mode ๐Ÿ˜ There's one concern, however. Looks like Telegram X is missing some features (like Live Location). Are you planning to merge these apps together in the future or kill the old one? @durov
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@pugson I'm not sure who made this app actually. The official client is published under telegram LLC. And this is published under telegram messenger LLC.
@scotty_mcq it's from Telegram.
@scotty_mcq its from Telegram Messenger LLP not LLC. That means it definitely is not from the original Telegram.
@pugson do have any source for that? I'm sceptical of who actually published this.
@apoorvsaini It is a bit confusing, I agree. I can guarantee you that this is coming directly from Telegram. They have different holding companies which cause confusion. Telegram X is a universal app for macOS and iOS now. It's been in beta for over 2 months. Here's an official link that's on that directs to the beta app from TELEGRAM MESSENGER LLP (which is Telegram's holding company) I'm not sure why they decided to use that one and I hope @durov can elaborate more on this. However this is 100% an official app coming from Telegram. They decided to rewrite the app in Swift and it's been in open beta on this page:
Cool, but it would be great if you explain whatโ€™s the difference between Telegram app and Telegram X app.
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Pavel Durov claimed recently that

"Attention: Telegram publishes its official announcements only at . Everything else is most likely scam." Going to be skeptical until I see some official confirmation from Telegram


fast, slick and nice new theme


No official announcement. Still skeptical

This is the second official account of Telegram. It was used when founder had problems with access to the first account, which was temporarily conquered by the
I'm also looking for further info. But if you look below, Pavel is the maker of this app.
Another (official) client, really?

The already great Telegram, even better.


-Surprisingly faster than the already fast og Telegram app

- Bunch of fluid animations all over the UI

- Themes

- Even more optimized


- Lacks some features from the og App, looks like they're slower to implement new features.